You might think that the moments you’re lifting, stretching and moving are the most important for progress. But at MyoMaster we know that recovering right is the key to outstanding performance. Not sure what to do after a workout? Often find yourself collapsed on the sofa scrolling? No stress. Use this simple checklist of the five things you should do after every workout and take feeling good, to feeling great.

5 Things to Do After Every Workout

1. Rehydrate

You could be losing up to two litres an hour when exercising. If you don’t rehydrate properly not only will you feel fatigued and unwell but you could be damaging your performance. Being properly hydrated allows your body to control its temperature and move blood around which in turn aids muscle recovery. After your workout you should look to start rehydrating as quickly as possible. Chug something to quench your thirst and then aim to replace the body weight lost from your workout (weigh yourself beforehand and after to get a rough idea). If that sounds complicated just drink until your pee is close to clear

2. Shower and Change 

We’ve all been there. You’ve got a busy day and you have things to do after your workout so you skip the shower. Or, you accidentally sit down just to take a breather and get real comfy. Somehow hours pass and you’ve been sitting in sweaty workout clothes the whole time. Don’t let it happen. Sitting in wet clothes is asking for trouble. Trouble like bacteria, infections and breakouts, which although don’t directly impact your recovery, no one needs.

3. Refuel

Sometimes our post workout meal is the only thing getting us through reps. Make sure you’re refuelling with plenty of carbs and protein between 30 and 60 minutes after your workout. If you’re not sure what to have then check out our top ten foods for muscle recovery. From eggs to salmon, fruit and nuts there’s plenty on offer to give you a delicious and nutritious meal. Whether you time your workouts to align with meals or you need to add a snack into your routine, your muscles will be primed to absorb nutrients right after you exercise so don’t miss the opportunity to give them what they need.

4. Warm Down

If you’ve got your blood pumping, which lets be honest, you should have. Then stopping cold could lead to light-headedness and dizzy spells. Give your body a chance to adjust with a slow jog, walk or stretch, depending on what kind of workout you’ve been doing. During exercise your muscles will lengthen and stretch and when you stop, they contract. Stretching will help you to avoid injury and soreness the next day.

5. Use your MyoMaster Recovery Products

Next level recovery doesn’t happen without premium products. Grab your muscle massage gun (find out whether the MyoLite or MyoPro is for you) or try compression boots instead, with the MyoAir or MyoPump. These world-class products will ensure you avoid DOMS and supercharge your recovery using premium compression and percussion technology.

Now you know exactly what to do after a workout, you just need to add in some top quality shut-eye and you’ve got a recovery plan that will deliver increased athletic performance.