myopro and charging stand


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Designed by professional athletes

Created for you

Designed for those who go all in

Instant pain relief

Percussive massage interject pain frequencies to significantly reduce pain. No more DOMS and soreness after working out.

Enhanced performance

World-renowned amongst professional athletes because the improved blood circulation reduces muscle soreness and fatigue, enabling athletes to perform longer and more frequently.

Improved mobility & flexibility

The MyoPro stretches muscle tissue and fascia increasing flexibility & mobility.

Injury prevention

The MyoPro stimulates the muscle increasing blood flow and reducing the chance of injury.

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Includes 8 UNIQUE MASSAGE HEADS - designed by our team of physios

  • The Thumb

    Mimicking the human thumb, it can be used in two ways at a 45 degree angle or at a 90 degree angle depending on the treatment you require.

  • The Scraper

    Over 120mm wide, our world leading XL scraper mimics blade scraping and is ideal for your larger muscles including ITB, quads & hamstrings .

  • The PinPoint

    Trigger point your specific muscle knots with deep pinpoint muscle release.

  • The Bull

    Used at a 45 degree angle to scrape smaller muscles like calves or with the point of the horns for particularly niggly areas.

  • The Ball

    Ideal for larger muscle groups and general use.

  • The Fork

    Two pointed ends ideal for up the spine, achilles and forearm.

  • The Paddle

    A Flat head perfect for warming the muscle up pre any exercise.

  • The Dampener

    Ideal for treatment around joints or anywhere close to the bone, it will glide softly over these hard to treat areas delivering the perfect massage.

What’s included?

  • Massager x 1
  • Massage Tip x 8
  • Charger x1
  • Charging Stand x 1
  • Carry Case x 1
  • Carry Bag x 1
  • Removable Battery x 1
  • Instruction Manual x 1

Features of MyoPro


Ultra Quiet Motor

The new ultra quiet motor makes the MyoMaster Pro unbeatable in this space. Compared to other models ours is the quietest on the market


Changeable speed

The highest RPM the market, Level 1 – 1600RPM, Level 2 – 2000RPM, Level 3 – 2400RPM, Level 4 – 2800RPM, Level 5 – 3200RPM


Extra long battery

With our incredible battery life of up to three hours our massager just keeps on giving and as a result the MyomMaster pro is a great addition to any clinical environment.

LOVED by customers

I have started to use this to keep my IT band in check, massage out my legs after long runs and to sort out my tender back, basically this little machine is holding me together and it does so brilliantly.

Rob Nitman

Owner, Nitman Performance

I absolutely love the MyoPro, I only wish I'd bought it sooner. It's one of the best things I've ever bought to take care of my body and my clients.

Coach Elouise

Personal Trainer

The MyoMaster Promise.

30 day money back guarantee

One year warranty

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