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What MyoMaster can do for you

Improve performance

Our products are scientifically proven to increase output.

Reduce injury

The MyoMaster range is designed to reduce lactic acid, increases blood flow and release knots preventing injury

Save time

Recovery is most effective in the first 30 minutes after exercise that’s why our products provide professional standard recovery in under 20 minutes.

Save money

Our goal is to make recovery accessible and affordable for all athletes, not just the professionals.

Simple to use

Cutting-edge recovery that doesn’t require a qualification.

Developed by professionals

All of our products are developed by leading athletes and physiotherapists.

Why recovery matters

Any intensive workout leaves tiny tears in your muscles. In fact, every time you exercise what you’re really doing is damaging your muscles a little bit. Don’t worry – that’s entirely normal. When you take time to recover properly, the muscle damage heals and this ultimately makes your muscles become stronger. Investing in your recovery significantly reduces the chance of injury and ultimately allows you to train harder. With MyoMaster you can train more, hurt less and give yourself an extra performance edge.

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