The beauty of using a massage gun is its simplicity. But if you’re new to the world of premium recovery or only just considering dipping your toe in, a little extra instruction won’t hurt.

Whether you’re using the MyoPro or MyoLite, this is how to use your percussion tool to get world-class results. Not using a massage gun yet? It’s time to commit to the best recovery and performance of your life.

Use the Right Attachment

First things first, you need to decide what you want from your session. With eight attachments to choose from on the MyoPro and four on the MyoLite, you can tailor your massage gun to suit your needs. The paddle and ball are great for general use on big muscle groups. Think pre-workout to warm up or just before bed to turn off. Attachments like the bullet, pinpoint and thumb are for more targeted percussion, releasing trigger points and knots deep in the muscle.

One you’ve picked your attachment, hit the on switch and fire up.

How to Use a Muscle Gun

Your massage gun is going to do all the work for you. Once it’s powered up all you need to do is target the desired area. Move the gun slowly over larger muscle groups or stay in a smaller area when you’re targeting painful, tight spots. 

There’s no need to press or flex your muscles, the amplitude has been designed for the optimal massage depth. You don’t need to spend hours locked away with your massage gun either, just a few minutes on each muscle group will do. Remember the great anti-anxiety and stress relief benefits that come with percussion therapy and try to breath and relax.

When to Use Your Massage Gun

If you’re using your massage gun properly and for an appropriate amount of time you can happily use it every day. Before workouts it can help you warm up your muscles and avoid injury and after it will dissipate lactic acid and reduce DOMS. And if tight, sore muscles do strike you’ll have your MyoPro or MyoLite to hand when you’re on the go too.

Areas to Avoid with Your Muscle Gun

Your muscle gun has been designed to relieve sore, tight muscles. With that in mind avoid bones and joints and obviously any cuts or bruises.

Not got your hands on your very own muscle gun yet? Now you’ve got the technique down it’s time to try it out for real and buy your own MyoPro or MyoLite.