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The next generation of pneumatic compression. Loved by athletes our  MyoAirs are created with our unique WavePower™ technology and reach an unrivalled 250MMHG of pressure. This advanced athlete recovery system is also wireless, providing incredible relief from heavy, tired legs wherever you are.

30 day money back guarantee and 1 year warranty

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Proven to enhance performance

That’s right, recovering with the MyoAir™ will change the way you perform. Scientific studies have shown that spending as little as ten minutes a day using pneumatic compression can increase output by up to 30%.

Developed with unique WavePower™ Technology

Created with our unique WavePower™ technology the MyoAir reaches an unrivalled 250MMHG of pressure, it also boasts five unique programmes enabling both full wave or isolated treatment on specific muscle groups. This is the next generation of pneumatic compression.

Built to relieve pain

We know that you’re pushing yourself hard, day in, day out, the MyoAir™ rapidly accelerates your body’s natural reabsorption of the elements which cause soreness, fatigue and ultimately injury to your muscles. It effectively removes waste faster than any traditional
method of recovery.

Professional treatment, wherever you are

Compact, lightweights and wireless the MyoAir has over 90 minutes battery power. Select one of the five tailored treatment programmes, for whichever length of time works for you and experience the relief. Recovery that takes care of itself.

Created by athletes

MyoAir was designed by a team of elite athletes, the people who know what it feels like to be constantly trying to feel better and perform better. They tested, used and improved until they were satisfied that they had created the ultimate compression solution.

Key benefits of the MyoAir

Area isolation for targeted attention where you need it most

Significantly improve recovery time

The MyoAir accelerates the recovery process your body naturally takes days to achieve in less than an hour

Reduce DOMS, stiffness and pain

Compression therapy improves blood flow which helps to reduce pain and soreness. Nobody enjoys DOMS, if you’re frequently dealing with stiff, sore legs after training then the MyoAirs will make the difference

Decreased chance of injury

Our WavePower technology creates pulsating movements that help to reduce injury by removing lactic acid, meaning injuries are less likely

Reduce swelling, inflammation and fluid accumulation

The MyoAir engages “lymphatic flush”, which facilitates the removal of waste, swelling, and inflammation from the body helping you get back to doing what you love

30 day money back guarantee and 1 year warranty

Physio Certified

During Covid affected times traditional soft tissue recovery strategies are challenging, the MyoAir not only allows recovery without the need for hands on treatment but provides completely mobile treatment with wireless connectivity.

Mike Lancaster

Head of Medical, Harlequins

We've been really impressed with the MyoAir, the pressure is more intense than anything other compression product we've tried on the market and the players have fed back how much of a difference it's made to recovery times.

Matt Lee

Physiotherapist Northampton Saints


  • Pressure range

    The most powerful compression on the market today going all the way up to 250MMHG

  • Wireless digital screen

    Wireless handheld digital screen

  • Five programmes

    The MyoAir has five customizable treatment programmes

  • Backpack included

    Portable backpack included

  • Four chambers

    So you can treat each muscle group in isolation


  • WavePower™ technology
  • Area boost for targeted attention where you need it most
  • Precise, digital controls
  • You select the treatment time from 10 – 60 minutes
  • 5 unique treatment modes
  • 30-250 mmHg pressure range
  • Portable backpack for on the go recovery
  • Up to 90 minutes battery life

Change the way you feel in just 48 hours

Delivery within 48 hours, 30 day money back guarantee, One year warranty

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What’s included

  • MyoAir WavePower™ wireless device
  • Portable rucksack
  • Two leg attachments (we will contact you to confirm the size)

Customer rated

Love my MyoAir. The recovery from a hard session on the bike is great, my legs feel so refreshed after using this product. Highly recommended

Mark Raken


While training for my first marathon, the thought of climbing into the compression legs at the end of my long runs helped to keep me moving. They are amazing!

Liz Brooker