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Elite level recovery.

Designed to enhance performance.

Instant recovery, wherever you are

  • Naturally relieves pain

    DOMs are the pain and stiffness felt in muscles several hours to days after strenuous exercise, 10-20 minutes on the MyoPump significantly reduces this pain

  • Enhances performance

    Pneumatic compression reduces muscle stress allowing you to train harder in your next session

  • Reduces chance of injury

    The pulsing movements mimic the natural motions of the legs after intense activity and help to prevent injury

  • Accelerates recovery

    The dynamic compression used in the MyoPump is scientifically proven to enhance and accelerate recovery

  • Increases blood flow

    Rapidly increases blood flow refreshing legs fast

  • Improves range of motion

    Pulse compression rapidly enhances range of motion

Why do I need the MyoPump?

  • Reduce lactic acid
  • Increase power output
  • Fresh legs instantly


  • myopump-icon1

    Four isolated chambers

    Targeted attention for where your body needs it most.

  • myopump-icon2

    Pressure range

    You dictate the level that feels best for you between 20 – 250 mmHg.

  • myopump-icon3

    Programme A

    Wave compression a lighter and gradual treatment.

    Programme B

    Full compression designed for an intense full leg treatment.

  • myopump-icon4

    Digital screen

    Easy to use and control digital screen.

  • Portable

    Lightweight, compact, and extremely portable.

What’s included?

  • MyoPump
  • Portable case
  • One pair of leg pumps

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