If you’re an athlete, whether professional or amateur, you deserve recovery products that give as much as you do. At MyoMaster we provide premium, athlete-designed recovery technology, utilising both percussion and compression technology. The benefits of using a massage gun like the MyoPro or MyoLite are fairly well known. But it’s our range of compression boots, a product initially used in the healthcare industry, that have been flying under the radar. Now a must-have for athletes, this is why you should be using compression recovery boots.

What is Compression Technology and How Does It Work?

Compression technology is the use of controlled pressure on muscles to increase blood flow.

The use of compression in sports and fitness isn’t new. Compression clothing has been available for many years and is used by athletes to improve performance and enhance recovery. Compression kit like tops, leggings and socks works by putting pressure on blood vessels, increasing blood pressure and flow. Despite the known benefits of compression technology there is plenty of debate over whether the small amount of pressure provided by compression clothing can really make a difference. This is where compression boots like MyoAir and MyoPump come in. Where most compression clothing exerts about 10-30mmHg of pressure, our elite compression system MyoAir delivers up to 250mmHg. That’s unrivalled in the market.

Why Use Compression Recovery Boots?

Compression therapy goes back as far back as the Ancient Greeks. Today, it’s used in modern medicine to improve blood flow, reduce swelling and speed up the healing of wounds. So it really is no surprise that the sporting and fitness world has clocked on to its benefits. Ancient man and hospital patients are one thing though. How can compression boots improve your recovery and training?

1. Faster and More Efficient Recovery

The targeted nature of compression recovery boots like the MyoPump and MyoAir, allows for increased blood flow to individual areas of the leg. Increased blood flow brings with it oxygen and nutrients that will help heal the micro-tears caused by exercise. Using compression boots has also been shown to improve your venous return (how quickly your blood is pumped back to the heart to be re-oxygenated). This not only speeds up recovery but can also boost your general wellbeing by helping your organs to function properly, reduce aches and pains and improve your sleep quality.

2. Reduced Muscle Soreness

An increased rate of blood flow is also important for flushing out waste material and lactic acid. This can build up after exercise and cause pain and stiffness – also known as DOMS. In one study the use of compression boots reduced skeletal muscular oxidative stress and proteolysis markers during recovery, which put simply means a reduction in muscle pain and soreness. Cutting back on the number of days you’re hobbling around and struggling to get up the stairs is going to allow you to train again much faster after a big session.

3. Increased Flexibility

The pulsing sensation provided by compression recovery boots mimics that of a high-quality massage but with levels of pressure that human hands simply can’t recreate. This helps to relax muscles and reduces tightness and stiffness. Research has shown that using compression recovery systems can mitigate the loss of flexibility, which in practically every single sport equals better performance and a reduced risk of injury.

4. Faster Injury Recovery

Injuries happen. Especially when you train hard and push yourself time after time. If you experience pain, swelling or a loss of range of motion from conditions such as shin splints and Achilles Tendinitis then compression boots will reduce recovery time as they drive more blood and oxygen to the area. Compression technology brings much-needed oxygen to damaged tissue and pumps away excess fluid associated with swelling. A study has even shown that compression therapy can improve pressure pain threshold – how much it hurts when you press on muscles.

Easy to use, easy to clean and transportable, recovery boots like the MyoAire and MyoPump are the easiest application of compression therapy. Just 20-30 minutes of use after a workout and you can enjoy all of the benefits you’ve just read about.