If you’re looking to up your recovery game then compression boots will be on the top of your wishlist. From enhancing blood flow and circulation to reducing swelling, compression boots offer similar benefits to a post-exercise massage. Expect quicker recovery, reduced muscle fatigue and improved exercise performance.

Let’s dig into the differences between MyoMaster’s premium compression systems, MyoAir and MyoPump.

All About The MyoAir 

The MyoAir is an elite pneumatic compression system. Perfect for any athlete looking for unrivalled pressure, the MyoAir features four inflation chambers which provide variable pressure of 20mmhg – 250mmhg. That’s the most powerful compression available worldwide. Each chamber can be independently switched on or off for targeted treatment.

Compatible with mains power, the MyoAir can be plugged in at home or at the office. It can also travel. The MyoAir offers over three hours of on-the-move compression. Perfect if you have a sports event or simply travel a lot.

Made from super hygienic waterproof material the MyoAir is easy to clean and unlike most compression boots features an extension zip. The zip allows you to alter the size meaning more than one person can use the boots and you won’t get stung buying multiple cuffs.

Everything You Need to Know About The MyoPump 

The MyoPump is a premium compression leg massager. It provides a slightly smaller pressure range (20mmhg – 220 mmhg) than the MyoAir but compared to competitor products it’s still way ahead of the pack. 

Like the MyoAir it’s compatible with mains power but it needs to be plugged in so can’t go on the move with you. It still has customisable controls and wave power technology but it has two programs, rather than five.

Made from the same easy-to-clean, waterproof material the MyoPump also features the extension zip. Family and friends can use the compression system and you only have to buy this product and not multiple, expensive cuffs.

Which Compression System is For Me?

There are two questions to ask when deciding which compression boot is for you. How much pressure do I want? And do I need my compression system to be portable?

If you’re looking for the world’s strongest compression then the MyoAir is for you. The MyoPump still provides way more pressure than competitor products but it doesn’t get to the same heady heights of 250mmhg.

Both compression systems are mains power compatible but only the MyoAir can be portable, offering over three hours of wireless recovery.

With the same premium design and unique extension zip both products will provide you with next level muscle recovery. If you’re always asking your masseuse for more pressure then the MyoAir has your name on it. If you’re only just entering the world of elite recovery, then the MyoPump might be more your style. Simple.