Why it works 

When you’re pushing yourself to your physical limits - your muscles need oxygen, and lots of it. Athletes all have a pretty strong cardiovascular system but during training your heart can’t always deliver oxygen to your muscles at the rate required. When this happens, you’ll start producing lactic acid. That burning sensation and fatigue you start to feel - that’s your muscles being starved of oxygen. This lactic acid build up is what’s going to cause pain and muscles soreness. Compression clothing helps combat this by being tighter on your extremities and promoting blood flow back to the heart - ramping up the rate that lactic acid is removed from your muscles. 

The tech 

Training in compression tights is definitely not a bad idea and wearing compression clothing after your workout can improve circulation and oxygenation of your blood by 15%.  But if you want to see the real benefits of this technique, you need dynamic compression in your life - like the MyoPump system. The leg pumps slip on just as easily as compression tights, but use technology to mimic the natural movements of the legs after an intense workout. This means you can cool down like a pro and reduce your risk of DOMs, whilst relaxing on the sidelines or in your living room. The two settings work to remove lactic acid from the muscles and then compress and release the full leg to get the blood flow really moving to your lower body - so that oxygen gets exactly where you need it to be, in the fastest way possible.