Why it works 

When you think of occlusion, your mind probably goes straight to weight training. But did you know occlusion - or blood flow restriction therapy - can also be a powerful tool for injury recovery? The science behind it is pretty straightforward - low weight training with heavy weight gains. When recovering from injury, your main aim is getting your body back to full strength ASAP. But you also need to be wary of the stress being put on vulnerable tissue, joints and muscles - you don’t want to cause further damage that could write your sporting ambitions off completely. Occlusion therapy allows you to work the affected area safely and with impressive results.  It can benefit almost anyone suffering from injury or extreme weakness of a limb, but is particularly transformative for people with Nonunion fractures, tendon apathy, tendon repair or in need of ACL reconstruction. 

The tech 

When working with blood restriction therapy, it’s important to get the right kit so you can do it safely and effectively. Our MyoCuff comes in two sizes - one for the upper limb and one for the lower limb. Both cuffs work exactly the same - you secure the cuff around the area you want to focus on, increase the pressure using the pump - until you feel real compression, secure the valve and start your workout. The exercises you’ll do will depend on which area you are trying to rehabilitate. If you’re dealing with a hamstring injury you could do some heel flicks, and if you're trying to work your shoulder you might want to work your biceps with a resistance band. The power of the MyoCuff is that it can be incorporated into any workout - with no wires or bulky equipment holding you back. Whichever part of your body you are trying to work, this great bit of kit will ensure the effectiveness of each exercise skyrockets, without risking further injury. Each session with the MyoCuff will see the growth hormone heading to your muscles increase up to 300% - which is gold dust if you are trying to repair your muscles.