For athletes of all levels, there are normally two areas of focus to achieve their best: training and nutrition.

What many don’t seem to pay as much attention to is recovery, the third dimension to performance. However, it has been proven time and again that when you take time to recover, your body is able to get back to training, you perform better and you reduce the risk of injury.

At MyoMaster we are the home of recovery and it is our mission to ensure that athletes of all levels have the information and best tools to drive excellent performance.

The benefits of percussive therapy are well known, allowing the muscles to quickly recover by increasing blood flow to the area, reducing soreness, and removing lactic acid build-up.

With the proliferation of consumer-grade massage guns, it is difficult to what the difference is between brands and which one may be the best for you. So here is a handy guide to choosing the best percussion massage gun for you.
We will of course start with the MyoPro, our very own best-seller.
The MyoPro is the massage gun of choice by Strong Men Terry Holland and Adam Bishop, Zoe Dann, Harlequins and Saracens Rugby teams, Adrienne Herbert, and the Spartan community amongst many others.

The MyoPro is an ultra-quiet brushless motor massage gun that incorporates SilentPower™ technology. It penetrates 70% deeper into the muscle than other consumer-grade percussive massagers thanks to its 65lb of stall force. To fully deliver the benefits of recovery, the MyoPro includes 5 different programmes, with up to 3200RPMs and 3 hours battery.


The MyoPro comes with 6 massage heads as well as a case to keep your massager AND a carry case for when you need to look after your muscles on the go. For those that want to take their recovery even further, there are 4 additional patented massage heads developed by our team of professional athletes.


SPEEDS  5  5  3
MAX RPM  3200  2400  3200
PRICE  £219  £375  $299
BATTERY  3h  2h  3h
STALL FORCE  65lb  40lb  57lb
INCLUDED IN PURCHASE  6 Massage heads + Charging Stand + Case + Carry Bag  5 Massage heads + Charging Stand + Case  5 Massage heads + Charger + Case

*Prices correct as of 2 December 2020

Theragun is a well-known brand with several models in the market. Their Elite model retails at £375 and provides 40lb of stall force and up to 2400RPM. You will receive 4 different massage heads and a carry bag with your purchase.

The Hypervolt Plus is a massage gun of similar specs to the Theragun. Retailing at $339, it provides 3h of massage with 3 different speed settings. It comes with 5 massage heads and a case.

So if you want to receive the benefit of tailoring your massage with 5 speeds and up to 3200RPM, to receive 6 massage heads included in your purchase as well as a carry case and your charging stand we can only recommend to go with our trusted MyoPro. Designed by professional athletes for those that go all in.