Two tools to help optimise your recovery

For both athletes and coaches, it is easy to be drawn into skipping rest days and weeks in search of increased fitness and performance but time and again this is shown to be counterproductive to achieving goals and reaching truly exceptional performance.

Recovery is, without doubt, the most important part of any training plan. Quite simply recovery allows for improved performance, permits time for our body to heal itself to reap all the rewards of your training session and decreases the risk of potential injury.
Luckily for modern athletes, with the right protocol in place and premium recovery tools like massage guns and compression boots, your body can recover substantially quicker unlocking your full potential. 

1. Percussive therapy

Percussive massage is a technique that provides rapid bursts of pressure to the muscle. Athletes love it because it speeds up muscle growth and repair by stimulating blood flow to the muscles that need it the most – meaning they can recover faster after a training session. This form of massage has a long list of benefits including:  

  • Breaking down scar tissue after injury, easing stiff joints and increasing range of movement.

  • It also helps to elongate muscle fiber and relax fascia

  • Breaking down scar tissue after injury, easing stiff joints and increasing range of movement.

  • It also helps reduce DOMS quickly

  • Reduces pain by disrupting the nerve signals to the brain that cause that post-race burn.

  • Allows you target a specific set of muscles and work on them as much as needed.

Sports masseurs traditionally use a series of light strokes to give this effect, but when it comes to percussive therapy, nothing does it quite like percussive therapy. It works faster, harder and – unlike sports massage or manual myofascial release tools, like foam rollers – they can hyper-target a specific area.

If you’re looking for real power, nothing matches the MyoPro – which penetrates 70% deeper into the muscles than other percussive massage tools on the market. For a slightly lighter pressure, and if you’re after something you can use on the go, the compact MyoLite is the perfect addition to a big training session kit.




2. Compression

Compression has a range of benefits, but it really comes into its own when you’re looking to recover. After you’ve smashed your race, training session or work out - you want to get your blood pumping to your heart and then back to your muscles ASAP. This is going to replenish all that oxygen you used whilst you were pushing our body to the max, and help support effective muscle repair. At the same time it’s going to clear out all that lactic acid that is destined to cause muscle soreness if it sticks around too long - which means keeping DOMs at bay.

Whilst compression clothing is great, if you want to see a real difference in both your performance and your recovery, you need to get on board with dynamic compressions – enter: our MyoPump system. The advanced technology takes compression to a whole other level - and is just as simple to use. The leg pumps slip on as easy as a tracksuit but then uses some smart technology to mimic the natural movements of your legs, after an intense workout. The two settings work to remove lactic acid from the muscles and then compress and release the full leg to get the blood flow really moving to your lower body – so that oxygen gets exactly where you need it to be, even faster than when using simple compression tights. This means you can cool down like a pro and reduce your risk of DOMs, whilst relaxing on the sidelines or in your living room.