Most athletes won't be strangers to shoulder pain and tightness. Playing sport, lifting weights and even bodyweight exercises like push ups can lead to to aching and discomfort.

Try out these three effective shoulder exercises with a little help from MyoMaster recovery products the MyoPro and MyoBands - Resistance.


Bicep and Pectoral Massage

To get started we're using the MyoPro with the thumb attachment. This helps to target those tight and painful areas deep in the muscle. Start by moving the MyoPro over the pectoral muscles. Take your arm out wide and move along the bicep and pec tendon, this will help to open up the chest and improve your range of motion. Remember that your muscle gun does all the work for you, so there's no need to apply pressure. 


Posterior Deltoid Resistance

We're picking up our MyoBands - Resistance for this move. Gripping with one hand and your arm out straight in front of you, pull backwards and rotate your shoulder so that your hand is level with your head. Slowly move back down and repeat. Try three sets of twelve on either side and remember this move should engage your posterior deltoid, mid and lower traps, rhomboids and the rotator cuff too.



Posterior Deltoid Y Raise

Keep hold of your MyoBands - Resistance. Take the stance as in the previous exercise but instead of moving your arm straight up and back you're going to take it diagonally out. This will again target you mid and lower traps to help scapula (shoulder blade) movement. Try three sets of eight to ten reps before you workout to reduce the chance of pain and injury from pressing exercises.


Ready to tackle your shoulder pain and tightness? The MyoPro massage gun and MyoBands - Resistance are the perfect set to get you started.