The MyoPulse offers three kinds of treatment in one handheld, portable system. Access EMS, TENS and massage in the comfort of your own home and enjoy reduced pain and increased muscle strength.
How It Works

EMS: The EMS programmes on the MyoPulse allow you to work on building muscle without lifting weights, this allows you to strengthen weak or injured muscles without load bearing.

Helps maximise your muscular effort by engaging a greater percentage of muscle fibers. The MyoPulse programmes target both Type 1 slow twitch muscle fibers which impact endurance and Type 2 fast twitch muscle fibers with impact power and explosiveness. This can be used during training to help drive efficiency.

TENS: Naturally relieves pain by delivering small electrical impulses, these electrical impulses flood the nervous system reducing its ability to transmit pain signals to the spinal cord and brain providing instant pain relief.

The TENS programmes on the MyoPulse can also stimulate your body’s natural ability to provide pain relief and reduce reliance.

Massage: The MyoPulse massage setting stimulates mitochondria, the tiny powerhouses inside cells that convert glucose into the energy essential for cell function and repair after exercise resulting in quicker muscle recovery and reduced pain after exercise.

Massage can help improve flexibility by stretching the joint and relieving tight points through the area.

Why Do I Need the MyoPulse?

You're Recovering From Injury
You're Suffering From Pain
You Want to Strengthen Weak Muscles

What's Included?

— Pulse
— 4 x 40mm x 40mm Pads
— 4 x 50mm x 50mm Pads
— 2 x 2 Pinned Wires
— 2 x 2 Pinned Wires
— Product
— Case

Warranty and Returns

We’re so confident that our products will make a difference to you. We offer an industry leading 60 day no quibble guarantee because we want you to fall in love with our products. If for any reason this isn’t the case send it back to us and you’ll receive a full refund. 


We offer free next working day delivery, powerful performance on your doorstep within 24 hours. 

MyoPulse Features

36 Programmes

Across all three modes so you can create recovery programmes tailored to you.

Variable Pressure

You dictate the level that feels best for you.

Digital Screen

Simple to use digital screen.

Portable and Handheld

Pocket sized and comes with a small case so it’s easy to take with you wherever you train or recover.

MyoMaster Recovery Will Set You Apart

We’ve helped thousands of athletes reach new heights.

  • Performance
  • Rehabilitation
  • Recovery

Any Questions We Haven't Answered?

What is the shipping policy?

Once your order is placed, you will receive a confirmation email letting you know that our fulfillment team has received your order. Once your order is fulfilled, you will receive an email notification with your tracking information. Shipping fees are non-refundable in the case of returns.

How do I return a item?

Yes any items in full working condition can be returned to us within 60 working days, if you would like to return your order please email and we will organise the return for you.

I am expecting a refund. How long does this take?

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What if I want to speak to someone?

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The MyoMaster Promise

Industry leading warranty

2 year warranty - and we’ll even collect it from you.

Free Shipping

On orders over £30*

Improves performance, or your money back

60 days money back guarantee if you don’t feel the difference 

Safe checkout

100% safe and secure checkout

Loved by Elite Physiotherapists

Dr George Bownes, Musculoskeletal Physician British Institute of Sport

“I recommend MyoMaster products to every athlete I work with. Their range of products make taking care of your muscles and joints so much easier before and after training, I’ve seen first hand the difference they make to recovery time between training”

Michael Lancaster, Head of Medical, Harlequins Rugby Club

“What I love about MyoMaster is their commitment to quality, every single one of their products is a cut above everything else I’ve ever tried and I love that they are passionate about the education of recovery as well as creating innovative products.”

What's Included?

— Pulse
— 4 x 40mm x 40mm Pads
— 4 x 50mm x 50mm Pads
— 2 x 2 Pinned Wires
— 2 x 2 Pinned Wires
— Product
— Case