MyoMaster create best-in-class recovery products including massage guns and compression boots. But you already knew that. If you’ve come this far then you know that MyoMaster products are designed by athletes, revolutionising recovery so that you can perform at your absolute best. If you’re in the market for a massage gun then you’re in the right place.

Let’s find out which massage gun is for you and compare the MyoPro and the MyoLite.

All About the MyoPro

The MyPro is the ultimate recovery companion for athletes. A percussive massage device designed to enhance recovery and reduce pain, it comes with eight different attachments so you can tailor your experience and target problem areas. 

The MyoPro isn’t messing around. It delivers over 60lbs of stall force providing you with unbeatable pressure. With that much power you might imagine that the MyoPro is heavy and cumbersome. No way. Made from aero-grade aluminum it is lightweight and easy to handle, coming in at just 1kg. Plus, heat dispersing technology means you never have to worry about it overheating, even when you crank the pressure right up.

Working with professional sports teams like the Harlequins and many of the World’s Strongest athletes MyoMaster have developed the optimum amplitude. Offering 14mm depth and five different speeds the MyoPro is fast and effective, releasing even the deepest tension and easing pain. In fact, the MyoPro penetrates 70% deeper into muscle than consumer grade competitor products.

So who is the MyoPro for? Professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts looking for unbeatable pressure, accelerated recovery and improved performance.

Spotlight on the MyoLite

The MyoLite massage gun is the world’s most compact muscle massager. Weighing in at just 0.7kg and smaller than an iPhone, the MyoLite fits in the palm of your hand and delivers premium recovery on the move. With an industry leading battery life of six hours, it will never leave you wanting. 

Built in the image of it’s big brother the MyoPro, the MyoLite comes with the same aero grade aluminium body, making it lightweight and durable. It also features the same silent power technology and four scientifically calibrated speeds. With the MyoLite in hand you’ll be able to apply the right percussion for you, with exceptional power and hardly any noise. On the train home from an event or in a far flung hotel room, the MyoLite is your travel companion.

Looking for a compact, portable massage gun that gets the job done? The MyoLite is for you. It’s four attachments have been designed by physiotherapists to ensure you can still tailor your massage to every part of your body.

Which MyoMaster Massage Gun is For Me?

Let’s get it clear, the MyoPro is the definitive, world-class massage gun. A must-have for any athlete or fitness lover. While the compact MyoLite is for premium recovery on the go. Both massage guns will boost your recovery, improve your performance, help to heal injury and ease anxiety – the size and power is your choice.