If you’re training for a half marathon or marathon in the next few months then you’re probably starting to ramp up how many times you run a week. And although you’re fit, somehow your legs are still feeling heavy and tight when you lace up. You need these three super simple tips to help you recover faster between runs.

1. Fuel Right

Many of us think that if we train right we’ll get the results we want. But it’s your general health and wellbeing that allows you to get fitter and stronger. You need to have the right nutrition, hydrate and sleep well to make an impact.

Your post-run nutrition should never be an afterthought. You need to refuel within 30 minutes of finishing your run and get both protein and carbs in. Yes carbs. A serving of carbohydrates will replenish your energy stores and aid muscle growth. The cells in your muscles are sensitive to insulin right after you exercise and will be primed to absorb nutrients and glucose. Make sure you give them exactly what they need by focusing on the best foods for recoveryyour body deserves it.

Don’t forget to rehydrate too, plenty of water and electrolytes as well. Being properly hydrated is always important but especially after a workout when it will help you to avoid the horror of DOMS by flushing out toxins and lactic acid. Not sure how much you need? Our post-workout checklist has more details on how to rehydrate right.

2. Get More Sleep

Sleep is the ultimate form of recovery. Good, deep sleep gives your body the chance to repair and get stronger. In the deeper stages of sleep blood flow to your muscles will improve bringing with it the nutrients required to repair and grow. Your body will also release growth hormone which aids muscle and bone growth and your metabolismLife is busy and we know that you’re probably squeezing in runs whenever you can; getting up early, running at lunchtime and after work too.

Following your training plan is important but skipping sleep is only going to harm your performance, making you feel fatigued and putting you at higher risk of injury. When you’re tired your more likely to lose focus or drop your form, both of which are shortcuts to injury.

If sleep doesn’t come easy to you, check out how to improve your sleep with a massage gun.

3.Grab Your Massage Gun

If you really want to take your recovery to the next level then just grab your MyoPro or MyoLite. As a runner you might not have considered using a massage gun but it’s going to reduce muscle soreness, improve blood circulation and ease any tension or stiffness plus a whole other host of benefits.

You’ll also find that it reduces your chance of injury, helping you to stay on track when it comes to PBs and medals (we know what you’re after). Use it before your next run as part of your warm up routine to help relax and loosen up muscles, in particular your hamstrings and quads.

Supercharged recovery might sound like magic but if you take good care of yourself, focus on eating and drinking right, get enough sleep and use premium muscle recovery products you can recover faster between runs.