So you’ve decided you want to take your recovery to the next level and get your very own massage gun? Massage guns are premium products, used by professional athletes and fitness fans to boost recovery and improve performance, so choosing the wrong product could see you down hundreds of pounds and without the powerful recovery tool you deserve. If you’ve seen the countless offerings available and felt overwhelmed with choice, then let us help narrow it down for you.

To help make choosing the right massage gun for you we’ve compared the MyoPro, MyoMaster’s most popular massage gun with the Theragun Pro. Let’s see how they stack up against each other.

Which Massage Gun is Best For You?

We’ve compared the MyoPro and Theragun Pro across three key areas; stall force, attachments and of course, price.

Stall Force

Power is everything when it comes to deep muscle tissue treatment. Both the MyoPro and Theragun Pro provide 60lbs of stall force and feature silent power technology and QuietForce technology respectively. There’s no need to choose between power or reduced noise with these massage guns.

Massage Heads

When it comes to attachments the MyoPro pulls ahead, offering eight separate massage heads as standard. The Theragun Pro only offers six. Among the MyoPro eight massage heads that you’ll receive, The Scraper and The Fork are unlike anything the Theragun Pro offers. Over 120mm wide The Scraper allows you to target large muscles like your quads and hamstrings. While The Fork is uniquely designed with two prongs to be used on tricky areas such as the spine, forearm and achilles.


The last thing you need is to be paying over the odds for your massage gun. And when it comes to price point there’s a clear winner here too. At £549 the Theragun Pro is £350 more expensive than the MyoPro which comes in at £199. With the same level of stall force, more massage head attachments and a host of other benefits including intuitive controls, over three hours of battery life and a lightweight aero grade aluminium body, the choice is clear. 

Mind made up? Order your MyoPro today and start taking your recovery and performance seriously.