No it’s not Christmas, but it might be even better than that. We’ve launched a brand new piece of premium recovery technology, so that you can boost your recovery and power your performance in a whole new way. 

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The Largest and Most Powerful Trigger Ball in the World

Enter the MyoBall. A wireless, state of the art, trigger point massage ball. The MyoBall goes wherever you go and allows you to target those deep, hard-to-reach knots and niggles.

Not only is the MyoBall the biggest trigger ball on the market but it also carries the most powerful motor in the world. Featuring three perfectly-calibrated speeds, the MyoBall is the perfect addition to MyoMaster’s world-class arsenal of recovery technology.

MyoBall: As Tough As You Are

When we designed the MyoBall, we knew it needed to be durable and easy to use. That’s why the MyoBall has a textured rubber exterior, so it can grip tightly to your hand, body and hard surfaces like the floor. 

Plus, with up to three hours of battery life the MyoBall can go wherever you need it to, whether it’s the gym, pitch-side or at the finish line of your next endurance event.

How to Use the MyoBall

The MyoBall has been designed to target deep tissue tightness. Hold down the power button for three seconds and feel the MyoBall burst into life. Use the power button again to select your desired speed and apply to where you most need relief. You can roll it over your muscles or place it on the ground and let gravity do the work for you.

When pressed into tight muscles the MyoBall’s vibrations will release tension, reducing pain and improving your range of motion. As with all of MyoMaster’s world-class recovery products the MyoBall will also promote increased blood flow, making your recovery more efficient and boosting performance too.

The MyoBall isn’t just the perfect post-workout tool though. It can also be used before a workout to help warm up large muscles like the glutes, quads or shoulders.

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