Optimal performance begins with a good night's sleep. More than 30% of us are sleep deprived and experiencing significant impact on our everyday lives as a result. Do you struggle to drop off? Then it's time to start using percussive therapy to improve your sleep.

Why Is Sleep so Important When Training?

Good sleep is essential for maintaining peak fitness. Athletes who lack quality sleep may find that their overall ability is impaired. Being tired can reduce your accuracy, slow your reaction time and even increase your risk of injury and illness. 

The average person needs seven hours of sleep a night but when you're training this can be significantly more. Tennis star Roger Federer reportedly sleeps an average of 12 hours per night.

What Happens When We Sleep?

You probably know that sleep allows your brain to sort and process all of the day's information. But it's also an incredibly important time for our bodies. While you're sleeping the body releases hormones which stimulate muscle growth and repair, bone building and fat burning.

As you move through the stages of sleep your heart rate and breathing change too, promoting cardiovascular health. You could take all of the supplements in the world, do yoga, and eat tons of protein but nothing is going to help your body to recover, and grow, like good sleep.

Can a Massage Gun Improve Your Sleep?

Percussive massage has been proven to have a positive effect on our central nervous system, encouraging deep restorative sleep. A study consisting of 73 participants found that 87% fell asleep faster and had improved sleep efficiency (the ratio of time spent asleep compared to the time spent in bed) after using a percussive massage device.

100% reported improvements in overall quality of sleep after the use of a massage gun immediately following exercise and 30 minutes before bed.

How to Use The MyoPro Before Bedtime

Using your MyoPro 10 minutes before bed will help signal to your body that it's time for sleep. Apply a light pressure and glide the massage gun over your neck, lower back, forearms, quads, shins and feet for 30 seconds per muscle group. This will activate your parasympathetic nervous system, helping you to wind down and significantly improving the quality of your sleep.