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What is percussive therapy?


So, what is a percussion massage?

A percussion massage is a type of massage that delivers a series of rapid blows. These blows penetrate deep into the soft tissue to promote pain relief, relaxation and tissue repair. A percussion massage can also improve blood flow and range of motion of the muscle. All of which are key factors in increasing and maintaining your own performance and recovery. This type of massage can be done manually or by using the MyoMaster Pro.

5 reasons why you should be using percussive therapy

How could a percussion massage benefit you?

  • Medical ApplicationsPercussion massages are often used as part of your post-surgery treatment as it assists in breaking down internal scar tissue while also increasing circulation. Both of which will speed up healing time. Percussion massages can also treat your stiff joints and muscle spasms, as it elongates the muscle fibres, allowing your muscles to relax. Meaning you can say goodbye to any future muscle spasms.
  • Enhanced Athletic PerformanceWorld-class trainers will use percussion massagers on professional athletes all the time. This is because the massage stretches the muscles and connective tissues, which will improve your overall responsiveness and allow you to perform to the best of your ability for longer as improved blood circulation will reduce muscle soreness and fatigue.
  • RehabilitationSpeed up your rehabilitation process with percussion massagers. The contractions caused by the MyoMaster Pro strengthen the muscles which is extremely important to everyone, as well as those of you who can’t participate in physical therapy. For example, it can be used on patients with partial or full paralysis as it stimulates the muscles and prevents non-use atrophy.
  • RelaxationLet’s not forget, not only is a percussion massage extremely beneficial for you and your body, it is also incredibly relaxing.
  • Pain ReliefNot a fan of taking drugs and supplements? A percussion massage relieves pain and muscle soreness without the use drugs. How? Your brain processes from very specific frequencies and percussion massage interject with those frequencies to cause pain relief.

Mechanical or Manual?

You may be thinking, why use the MyoMaster Pro if you can do it with your own hands? Well, the answer is this.

Vibration massagers such as MyoMaster Pro have key advantages. The massagers allow us to work deeper into the muscles without having to work hard to do so. If a masseur wants deep penetration he or she has to literally squash the underlying muscles. The deeper it goes the more pressure, and the harder the masseur has to work. This increased pressure often equals more pain, so the muscles tighten up, which is the opposite of what one is trying to achieve.

While a mechanical percussion massager sits on the surface and sends its vibrations deep into the muscles. Vibrations will relax the muscles and there will be no painful “digging in”. To massage a small deep section a masseur may press in his or her thumb. To get deeper he or she may use an elbow, increasing the area and the pain. So, by not using a mechanical massager you’re putting limits on how effective the therapy can be.

Whereas the mechanical massager is only limited by the size and shape of the hammers and the power of the motor, so a larger area can be deeply penetrated with comfort.


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