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The Official Recovery Partner to Harlequins rugby

Harlequins rugby will be using the MyoMaster percussive massage guns, compression, occlusion and EMS products for warm-up, injury prevention and maximising athletic performance.


The One Exercise You Need to Ease Lower Back Pain

Struggling with Lower back Pain? A trainer favourite, the Superman exercise challenges multiple muscles without the use of equipment and can be effective when it comes to relieving back pain and increasing overall mobility.


Massage Guns and Compression Boots: Recovery That Improves Performance

Recovery is, without doubt, the most important part of any training plan. Quite simply this is vital to achieving your full race day potential.


3 Shoulder Exercises to Improve Mobility and Reduce Pain

Struggling with shoulder pain? Try out these 3 effective exercises with a little help from  MyoTech


5 Crucial Muscle-Building Mistakes, According to the UK’s Strongest Man

Building strength requires weight-lifting, a sufficient diet, and patience. A lot of patience. And no one knows this better than the UK’s strongest man, Adam Bishop.


How to Improve Your Sleep Using the MyoPro

More than 30% of us are sleep deprived and experiencing significant impact on our everyday lives as a result. Find out how to use percussive therapy to transform your sleep.


MyoMaster Challenge Club

For 4 weeks, every Monday we are sharing a fitness challenge brought to you by top athletes and PT’s, and it’s completely FREE to join. Everyone who takes part will win exclusive MyoMaster merch and will be in with the chance of winning a MyoPro massage gun. ⁠


Welcome Sara Davies to the MyoFam

This month we welcome Team GB Weightlifter, Commonwealth Silver Medalist, Olympic hopeful and the Barbell Queen, Sarah Davies to the MyoFam.


How Muscle Recovery Can Help You Run Faster

Recovery is without doubt the most important part of any running training plan. Quite simply recovery allows for improved performance, permits time for our body to heal itself to reap all the rewards of your training session and decreases the risk of potential injury.


The Tools and Tech That Can Level Up Your Recovery: Occlusion

Occlusion therapy allows you to work the affected area safely and with impressive results.  It can benefit almost anyone suffering from injury or extreme weakness of a limb, but is particularly transformative for people with Nonunion fractures, tendon apathy, tendon repair or in need of ACL reconstruction. 


The Tools and Tech That Can Level Up Your Recovery: Compression

Training in compression tights is definitely not a bad idea and wearing compression clothing after your workout can improve circulation and oxygenation of your blood by 15%.  But if you want to see the real benefits of this technique, you need dynamic compression in your life – like the MyoPump system.


The Tools and Tech That Can Level Up Your Recovery: Percussive Therapy

Recovering from a massive training session is not always technical. When it comes to nutrition, hydration and warm down, there are rules you can follow but, ultimately it’s about getting to know your own body and what works for you.


Cyclist Recovery – How to do it like a pro

The UK cycling community is huge and growing all the time. It’s estimated that 1.3 million people got back on their bikes during lockdown. But the difference between an ambitious amateur and a seasoned pro isn’t always in how they train – it’s how they recover. Here are 4 ways you can recover like a pro cyclist and start reaching your goals even faster. 



Want to learn a little more about our story and how MyoMaster was created? Read Lottie and Joe’s interview with Startup magazine


How Spartan’s Top Athletes Recover

If there’s anyone that goes all in, it’s Spartan athletes. But how do you recover after such intense training and racing conditions whilst always pushing the limits of your performance? We caught up with three of the community’s shining stars, to find out how you recover like a Spartan. 


How recovery could help take your performance to the next level

If you’re training for an endurance event, we know you’ll be pushing yourself to the limits and getting serious about nutrition but are you dedicating the same amount of discipline to your recovery time? Whatever your sport, recovery should always be central to your preparation and aftercare.


How to optimise your recovery in hot weather

Dedicated athletes train come rain, shine – or heatwave. Working out in the sun can be way more enjoyable than battling wet, challenging weather. But constant heat exposure coupled with intense exercise can cause your body temperature to climb – which can play havoc with your recovery. Here are our top tips for recovering like an athlete during the hot, summer months.


Five Ways Percussive Therapy Can Transform Your Performance

Percussion therapy uses a revolutionary handheld device to jolt target areas of the body with gentle pulses of pressure. This action softens muscle tissue in areas where we experience intense stiffness and injury. By rapidly pulsing the muscle fibres with a gentle wave of pressure, percussive therapy alleviates pain and increases blood flow to ease stiffness and soreness.


In Conversation With Chris Robshaw | England and Harlequins Rugby Player

“Deciding to leave Harlequins was the toughest decision of my life” – Chris Robshaw opens up about his departure from Harlequins after 16 seasons


In Conversation With Adam Bishop | Britain’s Strongest Man

Team MyoMaster chat to Adam Bishop about his journey to becoming Britain’s Strongest Man, what his weekly training programme really looks like and the art of the deadlift


Ruth Purbrook: introducing wonderwoman

It might surprise you to hear that it wasn’t love at first tri for Ruth Purbrook. The athlete who has gone on to establish herself as one of the rising starts of British triathlon hated her first open water swim, she grins ‘I emerged from the Serpentine in…


Team Wiggins Le Col announce MyoMaster as first recovery partner

Team Wiggins, founded by legendary cyclist Sir Bradley Wiggins, has a clear vision to develop the next generation of British and International riders and assist them in their pursuit of riding at the elite level of professional cycling. Over the course of the 2019…


Ben Pollard: the brains behind the brawn

Affectionately known as ‘Chopper’ by players and coaches at Saracens, he started his career as an intern with New Zealand teams Auckland ITM and Auckland Blues a time he describes as ‘incredible’. On his return he quickly started working with Bath Rugby and Cornish…


Get to know Kyle Sinckler

There is no doubt about it, the tighthead prop Kyle Sinckler is a man of spirit. Once he sets his eye on something, there is little anyone can do to stop him. From humble beginnings, he’s gone on to represent the British & Irish Lions, England and made…


Joe Gray: the man who doesn’t take no for an answer

We chat to Saracens player and MyoMaster co-founder about his passion for recovery, devastating injuries and the power of positivity.


The man who carries the weight, meet Adam Bishop

Three time World Strongest Man competitor and Harlequins Strength and Conditioner Adam ‘Bish’ Bishop talks bicep injuries, the art of juggling and his ultimate dream.


Get to know Adam Bishop Strongman

It has to be said, Adam Bishop, is a man of many talents. He started his sporting career in the Saracens rugby academy whilst also competing as a Skeleton Bobsleigh Athlete. Today, he is a qualified strength and conditioner and has been improving the performance of…


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