The Ultimate Recovery Collection – Save over £300!

£1,507.00 £1,199.00

Don’t let anything stand in your way with this special edition recovery bundle, created by professional athletes for optimal performance

Offer includes all 3 products: The MyoPro, The MyoAir and The MyoPulse


Percussive massager – MyoPro

Our best-selling percussion massage gun melts away muscle pain and relieves soreness instantly

5 Speed Settings 

6 massage heads included

SilentPower technology


Compression legs – MyoAir

Say goodbye to DOMS and hello to improved performance.

Scientifically proven

Reduce inflammation, lactic acid and swelling

Increase power output


Electric Massager – MyoPulse

Our Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS, TENS and massage) three-in-one device

Strengthens weak muscles

Manages pain

Provides deep tissue massage

Accessories INCLUDED

Charging Stand (worth £50)

Extra 4 brand new massage heads (worth £44.99)

Backpack (worth £100)

MyoPro carry case (worth £49.99) 

Change the way you feel

Free UK delivery, 30 day money back guarantee, One year warranty

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