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Back to the gym?

An incredible deep muscle treatment. The MyoPro works deep into the muscle to melt away tension and release soreness, giving you the recovery you need after a hard workout. It’s lightweight design allows you to break down scar tissue, reduce DOMS and increase blood flow to allow you to keep your body in optimum condition.


Percussive therapy, the MyoMaster way

Stall Force: This is the key to effective muscle treatment. The MyoPro delivers up to 60lbs of stall force without cutting out, ensuring you can treat the knots and tightness deep into your muscles.

Depth: The MyoPro has been used and tested by thousands of athletes and scientifically calibrated to a precise amplitude of 14mm.

Speed: With soft touch technology and five interchangeable speeds ranging from 1200 to 3300 repetitions per minute you can find the pace that works best for you.

Eye catching design, silent treatment

Superior material: The MyoPro is made with Aero Grade Aluminum Alloy a much superior material compared to the traditional plastic shells of most massage guns. It is not only a higher grade material but is also light weight, corrosion resistant, noise isolating and heat dispersing, as well as a much more durable and slick material.

Hours of relief: The MyoPro offers over 4 hours of battery life.

Includes 8 UNIQUE MASSAGE HEADS - designed by our team of physios

  • The Thumb

    Mimicking the human thumb, it can be used in two ways at a 45 degree angle or at a 90 degree angle depending on the treatment you require.

  • The Scraper

    Over 120mm wide, our world leading XL scraper mimics blade scraping and is ideal for your larger muscles including ITB, quads & hamstrings.

  • The PinPoint

    Trigger point your specific muscle knots with deep pinpoint muscle release.

  • The Bull

    Used at a 45 degree angle to scrape smaller muscles like calves or with the point of the horns for particularly niggly areas.

  • The Ball

    Ideal for larger muscle groups and general use.

  • The Fork

    Two pointed ends ideal for up the spine, achilles and forearm.

  • The Paddle

    A Flat head perfect for warming the muscle up pre any exercise.

  • The Dampener

    Ideal for treatment around joints or anywhere close to the bone, it will glide softly over these hard to treat areas delivering the perfect massage.

What’s included?

  • Massager x 1
  • Massage Tip x 8
  • Charger x1
  • FREE Charging Stand x 1
  • Carry Case x 1
  • Carry Bag x 1
  • Removable Battery x 1
  • Instruction Manual x 1

Bring the MyoPro home for as little as £73 per month**


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The MyoPro difference

Designed on British Soil by a British business


8 massage heads uniquely designed to treat every single part of your body

Aero Grade Aluminium Alloy, a superior material

SilentPower motor, recovery without the noise

Loved by Customers

I have started to use this to keep my IT band in check, massage out my legs after long runs and to sort out my tender back, basically this little machine is holding me together and it does so brilliantly.

Rob Nitman

Owner, Nitman Performance

I absolutely love the MyoPro, I only wish I'd bought it sooner. It's one of the best things I've ever bought to take care of my body and my clients.

Coach Elouise

Personal Trainer


The MyoPro uses our proprietary SilentPower technology to penetrate 70% deeper into the muscle than consumer grade percussive massagers. It will release your deepest tension, treat your niggles and instantly alleviate pain with its powerful treatment. 

Free 48 hour delivery 

All products are sent out with 48 hours delivery as standard, so you can experience relief before the week is out. Delivery is also FREE for all orders. 

Please note, we do not dispatch orders on the weekend.

30 day money back guarantee

We have a 30 day no quibble money back guarantee, give the MyoPro a go and if you don’t like it you can return it within 30 days. The MyoPro is also covered by a one year warranty, if anything goes wrong we are here to help just drop us an email to and we will arrange next day collection of the MyoPro and get the problem fixed. 

The MyoPro has five speed levels meaning you can tailor the intensity of your treatment to suit your body:

Level 1: 1200 RMP

Level 2: 1800 RPM

Level 3: 2400 RPM

Level 4: 2800 RPM 

Level 5: 3300 RPM

Battery Life: The MyoPro battery lasts for over 3 hours when fully charged, giving you multiple uses on the go before recharging

Stall force: You don’t have to worry about this, the MyoPro delivers 60lbs of stall force, tested and loved by many of our athletes at World Strongest Man and they’re as strong as they come 😉

Removable battery: The MyoPro comes with a removable battery meaning you can travel with the device and recover wherever you are in the world

After you purchase the MyoPro you will be sent a series of video tutorials that will guide you through how best to use each of our unique massage attachments, there are always accessible so you can refer back to them whenever you like. If you’ve got a specific question about treatment drop us an email and one our therapists will come back to you.

Yes, the MyoPro has a long handle and is a really effective treatment for both the upper and lower back stiffness, injury and pain.

The MyoLite is your ultimate recovery companion on the move, weighing less than 2lbs and fitting in the palm of your hand it delivers MyoMaster quality treatment anytime anywhere. 

The MyoPro is elite level treatment ideal for those who love to train. It is the only percussive massager designed by athletes, for athletes. This is premium recovery, effective, elevated and loved by the professionals. Designed to ease tension, treat your niggles, accelerate your recovery and ulitamtely improve your performance.

MyoMaster Promise

Free UK Delivery | 30 day money back guarantee | 2 years warranty 

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