The Ultimate Recovery Bundles

When it comes to performing at your max, there should be no obstacles – least of all your recovery. Check out the deals below, while stocks last

The Ultimate Recovery Collection

MyoPro + MyoPump + MyoPulse
This is the ultimate recovery kit combining compression, percussive therapy and EMS. Take your recovery to a different level with this incredible selection of products and save over £300


The Essentials

MyoPro + MyoPump
The MyoPro and MyoPump make up the essential recovery kit. Increase circulation, accelerate recovery, reduce pain and soreness, and improve your performance with our MyoPro massage gun and MyoPump plug in compression. Save over £200


The Elite

MyoPro + MyoAir
Combine the power of percussive massage and next-generation compression with our MyoPro massage gun and our incredible new wireless compression device the MyoAir. Gift yourself your best performance yet and save over £400