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The world’s most compact massager.

  • MyoLite™ massager x 1
  • Massage Tip x 4
  • USB charger x 1
  • Portable Case x 1

Features of MyoLite

360-Minute Total Battery Life

4 Speed Settings (Up to 3200 RPM)

Compact, lightweight design

40lbs of Stall Force with SilentPower Technology™

Pocket sized recovery.

Designed by Professional Athletes and Physiotherapists.


    When you incorporate percussive therapy into a recovery schedule you’ll be gaining strength faster, be able to push harder in every training session allowing you to get more out of it and you’ll significantly reduce your chance of injuries


    The MyoLite accelerates and enhances the repair of muscle fiber by providing rapid bursts of pressure in concentrated, short-duration pulses deep into the tissues of the body. This enhances the flow of blood to different critical areas, allowing for pain relief and subsequently improving function and range of motion.


    There can be times when daily life is hard to cope with, many of us will struggle with stress at some point in our lives and look at ways to manage the symptoms. Percussive therapy is an incredible way to ease tension throughout the body and research shows it instantly relaxes muscles and soft tissues within the body.


    The MyoLite helps to stretch out tightness and loosen scar tissue. The high speeds and powerful stimulus of the MyoLite can help override pain signals to your brain which also helps to manage chronic pain.

MyoLite Specs

4 Changeable speeds

LEVEL 1 – 1600 RPM

LEVEL 2 – 2100 RPM

LEVEL 3 – 2500 RPM

LEVEL 4 – 3200 RPM

Stall force

Expertly designed to reach 60% deeper into the muscle than standard grade massagers with over 40lbs of stall force


The MyoLite is no bigger than an iPhone and as a result fits perfectly in your hand. The MyoLite is impressive lightweight at just 0.7kg/1.54lbs yet incredibly robust


The MyoLite is made with Aero Grade Aluminum Alloy a much superior material compared to others plastic shells. It is not only a higher grade material but is also light weight, corrosion resistant, noise isolating and heat dispersing, as well as being a much more durable and slick material


The Lite leads the industry with over 360 minutes / 6 hours of battery life you will never go wanting

Premium massage
whatever your journey

Premium massage
whatever your journey

Recovery On The Go

The MyoLite is our percussive massager for people on the go. No bigger than an iPhone and as quiet as a whisper.



Increases your blood circulation to bring more oxygen and nutrients into the muscle and reduce muscle fatigue and soreness.


Pain Management

The MyoLite provides percussive stimulation designed to improve muscle tightness and reduce the physical stress placed on your muscles and joints.



The Ball

Ideal for larger muscle groups and general use.

The Paddle

Flat head perfect for muscle warm up.

The Bullet

Trigger pointing with deep muscle release.

The Fork

Two pointed ends ideal for up the spine, achilles and forearm.

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30 day money back guarantee
2 years warranty


What is the delivery time?

Free 48 hour delivery

All products are sent out with 48 hours delivery as standard, so you can experience relief before the week is out. Delivery is also FREE for all orders.

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What is the return policy and warranty?

30 day money back guarantee

We have a 30 day no quibble money back guarantee, give the MyoLite a go and if you don’t like it you can return it within 30 days.

The MyoLite is also covered by a two year warranty, if there is any issue, we’ve got your back. Just drop us an email to and we will arrange next day collection, quickly resolving this for you.

What is the difference between the MyoPro and the MyoLite?

The MyoLite is your ultimate recovery companion on the move, weighing less than 2lbs and fitting in the palm of your hand it delivers MyoMaster quality treatment anytime anywhere.

The MyoPro is elite level treatment ideal for those who love to train. It is the only percussive massager designed by athletes, for athletes. This is premium recovery, effective, elevated and loved by the professionals. Designed to ease tension, treat your niggles, accelerate your recovery and ultimately improve your performance.

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