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One Mission

Help every athlete in the world unleash their full potential.

One core belief

Recovery is the third dimension. When you eat well, train smart and recover effectively you can achieve anything.

One promise

We create elite level recovery products and knowledge that improve your performance, prevent injury AND fit into your life.


Why we exist

We are Joe Gray and Lottie Whyte and we’re the founders of MyoMaster. We started this business because we love sport, Joe is a professional rugby player with 14 seasons under his belt at Harlequins, Saracens, Northampton Saints as well as two England tours and Lottie is a passionate hockey player, runner and gym goer.

In early 2018 Joe developed achilleas tendonitis, during his lay-off from training he dismantled a drill, welded on a stool leg and developed a massage gun and used it to treat his achilles. He took it into the Harlequins training room the next day and his fellow players spent 30 minutes taking the mickey. He left the drill in the changing room and went to get his ankle strapped, when he returned the whole team were using it on one another’s backs, legs, arms…just about everywhere. It wasn’t long before England player Kyle Sinckler grabbed his wallet, took out some cash and asked how much? Kyle took it home that afternoon and soon after the orders started flowing in.

Developing the first massage gun and watching the difference it was making to users bodies prompted Lottie to start thinking about the role of recovery in sports performance and the products and knowledge that existed for the everyday athlete. We quickly learnt two things, one – that most people aren’t making the time for recovery and two – that the products that are out there were incredibly expensive.

And so MyoMaster was born. We are on a mission to help everybody who loves working out achieve their full potential by giving them the products and knowledge they need to recover properly.

What we stand for

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